Our Staff

Jeff Pressman, CEM

President & C.E.O.

Jeff is captain of the ConvExx ship. He has three wonderful girls, Jill (wife), and daughters, Rachel and Amanda. Graduated Rutgers College in New Jersey and Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. Hobbies are golf and spending time with his kids.  Favorite quote, “Our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”, Walt Disney. His favorite team is the Vegas Golden Knights and favorite movie is Hunt for Red October. Favorite TV Show is Seinfeld, and his places he wants to return to the most are New Zealand and Italy.

Susan Schwartz, CEM

Managing Director

One of ConvExx founders, and graduate of UCLA. Birthplace - San Francisco; Favorite quote: “When one door closes, a window opens” – Julie Andrews.  Movies:  Loves all musicals, they keep me happy and I sing all day; favorite food:  Dark Chocolate and great bread. Passion for her community, whether it be where she lives in Henderson, Nevada, the trade show industry, or the communities for which our shows serve.


Chuck Schwartz, CEM


Chuck is ConvExx's founder, mentors our team and anyone else who will let him.  His wife, Susan, and daughter, Mindi, joined Chuck in forming ConvExx in 2000.

Attended The Ohio State University, and served in the US Army in Italy and Austria.  Favorite movie is Blazing Saddles and loves peanut butter.  Favorite quote “There’s a way to do it better – find it,” Thomas Edison, and Chuck’s own “Don’t tell me why it won’t work! Tell me why it will work!

Mike Clark, CEM

Vice President, Sales

A member of the ConvExx team since 2005, Mike has taken on numerous roles within the company, and implements many of our sales systems.  Mike graduated from California State University Northridge. His favorite hobby is golf and his favorite quote “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do” – Eleanor Roosevelt.  He loves pizza, his favorite team is the Green Bay Packers, and favorite movie is Back to the Future.  Avid Pepper player. Likes TV show Psyche. People I respect - My parents. Best spot to visit is Hawaii.

Mindi Cherry, CEM

Vice President

One of ConvExx founders in 2000, and a graduate of UCLA. Her teams are the Chargers & Vegas Golden Knights. Favorite TV Show is West Wing. Her favorite movie is almost any chick flick but especially 10 Things I Hate About You. Her favorite quote, “There’s no Crying in Baseball”, A League of Their Own. People I respect, My Parents. Favorite place to visit is Maui.

Jennifer Carr, CEM

Vice President, Trade Show and Event Operations

As an integral ConvExx team member since 2002, Jenn manages all of our contractors, and logistically supervises the construction of our events. Born and raised in Bloomington, Illinois and graduated from Eastern Illinois University. Her favorite team is the Vegas Golden Knights and she loves to travel.
­ ­

Cassandra "Casie" Stock

Vice President, Attendee Services and Registration

Casie manages all show registration processes, along with exhibitor training programs and customer service and onsite temporary staff training. Casie joined ConvExx in 2009 while living in Vegas,  Maryland with her family.  Her favorite quote is from Dr. Suess - “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

Sheldon Kaye, CEM

Vice President, Events & Technology Management

Sheldon joined ConvExx in 2008 after he graduated from UNLV.  Sheldon loves to BBQ and is a Koozie Collector. While Sheldon started working at ConvExx in IT, his passion for the industry and skill sets have led him to be the leader of our Mobile Tech Expo series of events.




Regina Clark

Director, Exhibitor Services

While she has been with ConvExx in Las Vegas since 2003, Regina is a Midwest Girl at heart. Her hometown is Buffalo, Missouri. Her hobbies are guitar, hiking, traveling and learning new things.
Her favorite place is the top of Mt. Charleston outside Las Vegas.
Favorite quote – “Life is a canvas- throw all the paint you can at it” - Danny Kaye.

Lindsay Schaeffer

Meetings & Events Director

While her hometown is Calgary, Alberta, she now resides in Denver with her husband, Ben, and pride and joy, her dog Nobu.  Lindsay graduated from University of Alberta. Her hobbies are jogging and cooking.  Favorite movie is Elf, and favorite place to visit is San Diego.

Melanie Mathis, CEM

Customer Service Manager

Graduated from University of Southern California. She is a Netflix cooking show fanatic, and a big Harry Potter fan. Her favorite quote “Judge a person not by how he treats you, but how he treats others. The former reflects what he wants you to think of him, the latter truly reflects who he is.” Betty Jamie Chung

Chris Briare

Social Media Manager

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Chris attended University of Nevada, Las Vegas and has been working with ConvExx since 2017. Hobbies are photography and vintage technology restoration. His favorite movie is Eraserhead and favorite game is StarCraft II. Most respected person is Robert Fripp and his favorite place to visit is Laguna Beach, California.­

Steve "Wheels" Bucaro

Account Executive

“Wheels” lives to make our exhibitors’ lives easier by providing support for first time exhibitors as well as current ones.  Born/Raised, Antelope Valley, California.  His favorite hobby is racing his Ducati, Chevelle or Blazer. Favorite movie is Dazed and Confused. Favorite quote “Everything happens for a reason”. Favorite team is the Denver Broncos.

Steve DeMaris

Account Executive


Nick Brown

Operations Manager

Nick has moved around the whole country before settling in Las Vegas. He has two large dogs (Oliver & Odie) that take up a lot of his time and energy. Nick is an avid golfer who doesn't mind taking on the heat to play. Being a die-hard Notre Dame fan, his favorite movie is "Rudy".


Kathryn Rae

Projects Administrator

Graduated University of Southern Mississippi.  Having lived in many places, her favorite residence is Kaanapali, Maui.  Her favorite treats are popcorn and fudge. Favorite movie is Freaky Friday.
“Always remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else” – Margaret Mead.

Maria Aguayo

Exhibitor Services Coordinator

Graduated College of Southern Nevada. Hobbies are baking and drawing. Favorite quote “Why fit in if you were born to stand out”. Dr. Seuss.


Heidi Whitmyer

Customer Service Coordinator

Heidi helps our customers and clients march through the mass of detail and information needed to attend and exhibit at ConvExx events. Her favorite hobby is wildlife photography while camping, and her favorite place is Yellowstone National Park.  Loves dark chocolate candy. Her favorite movie is “The Ghost and the Darkness” and Bible verses 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 “Love is patient love is kind…”

Connie Balaoing

Customer Service Coordinator


Angel Valentine

Operations Coordinator


BarbaraSue Barnes


BarbaraSue is the keeper of the books. She resides in San Diego, and has been with ConvExx since its inception in 2000. Attended Ohio State University. Her favorite movie is Dr. Zhivago.  Favorite musical is Les Misérables.  She loves sports, especially football & auto racing. England is her favorite place to visit.