ConvExx announces partnership with Southern Detailer’s Conference

For immediate release:

Southern Detailer’s Conference, being held June 4 and 5, at the Central Bank Center, Lexington, Kentucky has announced a partnership with ConvExx. 

Southern Detailer’s Conference began in 2019 by Daryl Lyons of Detail Lex. The vision of a grass-roots event with leading manufacturers and detailers sharing product knowledge and information was very successful. In 2021, post-pandemic, the event moved to the Lexington Convention Center to accommodate demand.

The event includes exhibits from leading detail manufacturers, hands-on training, and networking.  In announcing the ConvExx partnership, Lyons observed “Southern Detailer’s Conference was created to allow detailers more access to each other and the latest products. It is the goal to maintain the one-on-one, hands-on personality of Southern Detailer’s Conference while tapping into ConvExx expertise in managing events. This will allow growth while preserving the networking so vital to Southern Detailer’s Conference.”

ConvExx brings over 40 years of experience in automotive events, including managing SEMA, Las Vegas BikeFest, World Tire Expo, California Trucking Show, and Mobile Tech Expo. Vice President Sheldon Kaye, CEM, will lead the team. “We’re excited to bring our best-practices to Southern Detailer’s Conference. Working with Daryl Lyons, we look forward to bringing a world-class education and manufacturer event for the detailing community.”

For more information regarding the Southern Detailer’s Conference or ConvExx, please call 702-450-7662, ext.124 or email